Gold Ray Dam

Three required NEPA meetings, Emcee’d by John Vial, Dir. of Jackson County Roads & Parks (formerly employed by ODOT).

1st Meeting – 18 Aug 2009:

2nd Meeting – 12 Nov 2009:

3rd Meeting – 16 Mar 2010:

Gold Ray Dam historic fish counts

Cost to produce electricity

11-JUN-2010 Letter from Jackson County Development Services

FINAL – Gold Ray Dam Sediment Analysis

Appendix A_NEPA Scoping comment summary-final
Appendix B_Project Drawings
Appendix C_GRD Fish Passage Plan-Salvage Final DRAFT
Appendix D_Final Draft Rehabilitation Technical Memo

Sediment commentary: Is the Rogue River ‘safe’?Environmental Assessment (clearance version)

Public inputs to Board of Commissioners



Scanned Copy of Oregon Department of Geology and Minerals Gold Ray Dam Comments by Charlie Boyer 4-22-10


Low_Head_Hydro_Interim_Report_0Hydo-electric Incentives

WaterWatch’s Position Statement by Bob Hunter – 2009

Feel free to chime in with a comment; this battle over environmental health and public safety is not over by a long shot.

“What the [National Environment Protection Authority] NEPA [process] is not, is it’s not a vote. So the question was asked about ‘Are we cataloging where these comments come from?’ It’s not a vote. The Board of Commissioners, which will ultimately make a decision on this as far as whether to move forward or not, they could select an alternative that not one person supports; they could select an alternative that everybody supports. It’s simply not a vote and majority doesn’t win in this process. The Board of Commissioners will look at all the impacts, study the three alternatives that were looked at, and they’ll make a decision on what they think is best for Jackson County.”
John Vial, Director of Roads & Parks during Public Input (Scoping) presentation
(around 8:45 into Part 1 video of 16-March-2010 “public hearing”)

Divers on Slippery GRD Moss

RVCOG’s info server:

08 Sep 2014 – Bear Creek Watershed Council (65.5 min)

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