Jackson County government: Transfer of Public Lands (03-Dec-2014)

Board of Commissioner Chair Don Skundrick reads Jackson County government’s Order No. 253-14 into the record on 12/3/2014.

6:08 in duration

Commissioner Breidenthal explains during a Bill Meyer interview the following morning (12/4/2014) – 14:16 in duration

Recent 28-page document, entitled “PATHWAY TO A BALANCED PUBLIC LANDS POLICY – A Review of and Recommendations
Based On An Analysis of a Transfer of Federal Lands to the State of Utah” was shared by Rep. Ken Ivory – Utah

‘Repugnance’ <= What it means for _your_ liberty

According to James Madison, “repugnance,” in the form of disobedience that is, is essential for stopping the federal government. So if your response to federal overreach is voting bums out, complaining about it on Facebook, going to protests and suing them in court, they’ll always win until you step up your game and add some “repugnance” to your tactics. Want to stop unconstitutional or just plain bad federal acts? James Madison said your repugnance is needed to get it done, but he didn’t mean just show contempt. In 1788, repugnant meant something far different than how it’s used today. The #1 dictionary of the time defined it as “disobedient; not obsequious” (compliant)…Let that sink in.

If you want to stop the federal government, you have to disobey them. In other words, your response to federal overreach needs to be more than voting bums out, complaining about it on Facebook, going to protests and lawsuits. So if that’s all you’re doing, realize that it’s never going to work unless you also start following the advice of the guy known as the “Father of the Constitution.” He obviously knew much more about enforcing the Constitution than anyone today.

Liberty takes risk – and it takes hard work. The founding generation risked it all when they separated from the British empire. While we don’t need to match that rare act of courage, we definitely need to step up our game and show some real repugnance, disobedience, that is.

(Source: The Tenth Amendment Center)

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