Petition to revoke $444,171/year-and-growing Employment Contract (singular)

Source document: Employment Contract (pdf)

Excellent two-part series by Kimberly Kolliner @ KTVL Channel 10 in Medford, Oregon: “The Cost of a Contract” Part 1 and Part 2

Updated data via early July 2018 public records request: 


Tell a friend about the removal survey, demanding that the Jackson County Administrator’s contract be dissolved:

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Jackson County BOC Struggles with Enforcing Federal ‘Coordination’ Law

07 Dec 2011 (115:07 in duration)


03 Dec 2014 (6:08 in duration)


18 Aug 2015 (46:18 in duration)


07 Jan 2016 (72:46 in duration)


19 Jan 2016 (81:45 in duration)

Supporting documents:

Jackson County Commissioners to contact: Chair Rick Dyer & Doug Breidenthal as well as  Colleen Roberts (champion for the cause).

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