Water heist during California drought?

Open letter re: California passing-through water during drought

I believe it is important for conservatives to stay consistent with the facts, and not help the left by muddling the facts with the left’s phony ‘drought’ narrative. As I’ve stated, there is plenty of water in CA, and the ‘drought’ is a man-made issue created for purely political purposes.

The problem is not Nestle’ or any other for-profit businesses using CA water; it’s the politicians secretly increasing the pass-through mandates for surface water, now requiring that up to 90% pass directly through to the ocean without being used for human purposes.

This is why Lake Shasta and other reservoirs APPEAR to be so depleted – it is not the lack of inflows, but the mandate to open the dam floodgates during low-rain periods and let that surface water ‘pass through’ to the ocean; in other words, eliminating the entire purpose and function of dams and reservoirs (which our tax dollars PAID FOR with the intelligent purpose of avoiding such problems associated with low rain years).

dry-docksLake Shasta

whiskeytownWhiskeytown Lake

Two pictures above tell the story.

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