California: Waterbasin-Boundary Revision’s Emergency Regulations (Comments due by 9/4/2015)

  • California’s Groundwater Update 2013: A Compilation of Enhanced Content for California Water Plan Update (4/24/2015) – 77:35 in duration
    • Waterbasin-Boundary Revision’s Emergency Regulations (5/1/2015) w/ choppy audio – 95:25 in duration… 

      The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) established a process for local agencies to request that the Department of Water Resources (DWR) revise the boundaries of a groundwater basin, including the establishment of a new subbasin. California’s groundwater basins and subbasins are defined in the DWR’s Bulletin 118-Update 2003 – the definitions for each is as follows:

      * A groundwater basin is defined as a three-dimensional alluvial aquifer, or a stacked series of alluvial aquifers, with reasonably well-defined boundaries in a lateral direction and a definable bottom.
      * A groundwater subbasin is created by dividing a groundwater basin into smaller units using geologic and hydrologic barriers, or institutional boundaries.

      DWR is soliciting feedback on the draft emergency regulations. Please submit comments by email to DWR at or send a hardcopy via postal mail to the following address, postmarked by September 4, 2015:

      California Department of Water Resources
      Attn: Sustainable Groundwater Management Section
      P.O. Box 942836
      Sacramento, CA 94236

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