17 Jan 2019 Wildfire Forum @ Asante Smullin Center, hosted by Rep. Pam Marsh (HD-5) from Ashland, Oregon


15 Sep 2018 Smoke and Fire Summit @ SOU Stevenson Union, hosted by Rep. Pam Marsh (HD-5), Ashland, Oregon in 4 Videos:

#1 – Opening Remarks, and Forest Management Panel:

#2 – Health Implications and Effects of Wildfire Smoke:

#3 – Economic Resilience During & After Wildfire Smoke:

#4 – Climate Mitigation & “Adaptation” to Enviros’ “New Normal”:



Follow-up interview with Curry County Commissioner Court Boice (H/t Bill Meyer Show, Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017)



Oregon Dept. of Forestry meeting: Thursday, 19 Oct 2017 @ 13:00

** ODF is in the middle of a forestland-classification process that it does every few years; it began in March and won’t be completed until next year with letters expected to be mailed by Fall 2018. Maps will be available at the meetings for people to peruse. ** -Jeff Duewel at the GP Daily Courier.

Forestland = Any woodland, brushland, timberland, grazing land or clearing that, during any time of the year, contains enough forest growth or vegetation to constitute, in the judgment of the Forester, “a fire hazard,” regardless of how the land is zoned or taxed. [Emphasis added]

Rural landowners are required by law to provide fire protection. In many cases, they pay dual assessments: one for ODF and one for the fire protection agency that focuses on structures, not wildfire.

“We have to evaluate every single acre. People think we’re just trying to get more money because we’re the government – that’s not the case. It’s just a redistribution of what everybody [already] pays.” {Emphasis added} -Melissa Cano, ODF Spokesperson

Cano said “SW Oregon gets a bigger bang for its buck for the Forest Patrol Assessments because all state residents located adjacent to forestland share in the cost, but SW Oregon gets more fires.”

Venue: 5286 Table Rock Rd., Central Point

Located 1/4 mile north of Shell station on Vilas Rd.

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