Cowboy Poem by Roy Smith, Siskiyou County rancher (6/10/2010)


We have to save the coho salmon,
But the records are so very new.
Was there ever very many?
Was there always just a few?

They ruined families, homes and towns
So the spotted owl could have its way.
But we’ve never really heard
if the owl is better off today.

We fenced our land along the creeks;
It’s not as scenic as it was.
But everybody volunteered;
They said it was “a worthy cause.”

We went to meeting after meeting
Just to learn what we could do.
We learned we were expendable,
and they want the water too!

In the cruelest trick of all
If the Fish and Game should have their say;
We’ll have to buy a ‘permit’
to give our Water Rights away!