August 6th GHID meeting with WaterWatch of Oregon present:

August 13th Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting:

Wed., August 20th walk-through, 48 hours after flow shutoff:

Wed., September 3rd monthly meeting:

Document: Diversion Dam project overview

BLM reviewers

Document: Dept. of Interior’s BLM sourced this “Categorical Exclusion Determination and Decision Record: GHID Diversion Structure Improvement”

Approval by BLM’s Acting Field Manager for the Butte Falls Resource Area:
Karla Norris' approval
BLM’s page listing GHID documentation:

…as WaterWatch passes the hat for donations in this July 23rd solicitation letter to fund their administration of this ‘BLM?’ project?

Mail Tribune/March 2, 2014 Next stop for the WaterWatch “stream restoration” agenda is EVANS CREEK, near Wimer, in 2015!

Stay tuned!

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